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We provide a makeover of job seekers’ professional profile by way of enhancing information about them online and through various cutting-edge products. Today’s competitive market demands that each job seeker should stand out in their own way to get noticed by recruiters. A good first impression can open doorways to great opportunities. Our professionals create cutting-edge resumes in Visual, Video, Animation and Silhouette formats to make the job seekers’ profile appealing to recruiters.


Who Are We?

CBS Originatiors is a "Placement Zone" with a group of highly creative professionals and Corporate Officials. We focus on increasing and enhancing the employability of candidates. Our unique products focus on candidate branding. This group of individuals have been trained to analyze and share strategic and creative results that would enhance the chances of any candidate being placed.


Having known the initial stage of placement or job hunting we know exactly what to go through to get a job. Our goal is to help the candidates globally and increase employability rate. A good first impression and create magic. CBS Originators offers assistance throughout one's placement period or job hunting by supporting and ensuring that their profile and visibility remains at it's best.



Smiling Man

Placement Portal

A collection of CVs, classified and arranged for easy access. A quick way to get noticed by top recruiters.


INR 500

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Individual QR Code

A coded picture of your face that, when
scanned using an app, leads to a video
describing you.


INR 600

Woman in Suit


A veiled portrait of your profile concealing your illustrious achievements.


INR 10,000

Visual Resume.jpg

Visual Resume

A charming depiction of your CV that is pleasing to the eye and a perfect tool
for making a great first impression.


INR 2,000

Successful Manager

Video Resume

A self-portrait conveyed through a short movie, where each frame reveals a fragment of your personality


INR 5,000

Screenshot (314).png

Animation Resume

An animated motion picture featuring
your voice.


INR 4,500

Web Design

Web Resume

A personality overhaul to make you distinctive and recognizable like a popular brand.


INR 9,000


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